About us

Eyelid Technology is a leading Egyptian company in the field of General contracting, light current systems and information technology.

The beginning of the Eyelid Technology Company, based in Egypt, Cairo, came as a “solidarity company” with the Al Barqawi Foundation for contracting, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

The distinguished successes between the two companies prompted the management of Eyelid Technology to shift the nature of the partnership from “solidarity” to a ” joint stock company.” This is after the Eyelid Technology Company acquired the two companies, “Multi Media House” and Mada Real Estate”, with all its assets, branches, and previous works.

In line with its vision towards developing the company, the challenges and requirements of the new labor market, and providing more quality and competitive products within the Egyptian labor market in the field of light current, information technology, and real estate.

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